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Loyalty Burn

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Use Accor Loyalty Points for payment on Partner platform.

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Accor has built a Customer & Loyalty Hub that allow any Partner/Brand to connect.

Once connected, the Partner/Brand will benefit from this connection and will be able to :

  • Retrieve eligibility to redeem Accor Loyalty Points in a payment service.
  • Retrieve currency exchange rate information for conversion. 
  • Retrieve conversion rates information in order to convert euro currency value to points. 
  • Redeem Accor Loyalty Points immediately points purchase payment or afterwards blocking points payment service.
  • Full Accor Loyalty Points refund in order to reimburse a cancel payment service.
  • Release Accor Loyalty Points to free blocking points in a payment service

As a Partner/Brand, you'll have to comply with the following steps :

  1. Connect to the API following the Accor requirements.
  2. Test & Certify your connection with Accor
  3. Go live






    Burn Eligibility

    Ensure that member is able to use ALL Loyalty Points as a currency checking points-balance. Prior to all “burn” operations.

    Currency Rate

    Retrieve exchange rate information for currencies.

    Conversion Rate

    Retrieve conversion rates information to be able to convert euro currency value to points. 


    Burn Points

    Initiate a "burn" operation in order to use Customer Loyalty points.

    Refund Burn

    Initiate a "refund" operation , by using the unique UUID key with the transaction ID approved in the payment request, in order to refund Customer Loyalty points.

    Release Burn

    Initiate a "release" points action for a blocked operation in case of cancel request. 

    Sequence diagram





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