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Accor Login manages the OpenID Connect flow and token lifecycle, simplifying your integration with Accor APIs.

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Account login and creation can be customized with specific declaration in a json passed in the url.



Parameters :



example Partner Brand name ADAGIO
brand.logoSrc Partner logo url
brand.logoWidth Logo witdh in px. Height is set to auto 300
rememberMeDisplay Display the Remember me checkbox  
lcahLoginLinkDisplay Display the fidelity program information true
lcahOptinDisplay Display the fidelity program optin (available only on register) true
lcahOptinDefault Fidelity program optin checked by default (available only on register) true
buttonRegisterDisplay Display the registration button true
newsLettersOptinCodes Display Newsletter for optin (available only on register) "ADG","ALL"
cancelButtonDisplay Display cancel button (return back) true
socialNetworkDisplay Display social network icons true
styles.primaryButtonBackgroundColor Primary button color #D50032
styles.primaryButtonColor Primary button text color #FFFFFF
styles.secondaryButtonBackgroundColor Secondary button color #D50032
styles.secondaryButtonColorButtonColor Secondary button text color #FFFFFF
styles.cancelButtonBackgroundColor Cancel button color #D50032
styles.cancelButtonColorButtonColor Cancel button text color #FFFFFF


Customization explanation

Example of JSON :

  "brand": {
    "name": "ADAGIO",
    "logoSrc": "",
    "logoWidth": 300
  "lcahLoginLinkDisplay": true,
  "lcahOptinDefault": true,
  "lcahOptinDisplay": true,
  "buttonRegisterDisplay": true,
  "newsLettersOptinCodes": [ "ADG","ALL"],
  "newsLettersOptinDefault": true,
  "newsLettersOptinDisplay": true,
  "cancelButtonDisplay": false,
  "socialNetworkDisplay": false,
  "styles": {
    "primaryButtonBackgroundColor": "#D50032",
    "primaryButtonColor": "#ffffff",
    "secondaryButtonBackgroundColor": "#D50032",
    "secondaryButtonColor": "#ffffff",
    "cancelButtonBackgroundColor": "#D50032",
    "cancelButtonColor": "#ffffff"





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