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Accor Login manages the OpenID Connect flow and token lifecycle, simplifying your integration with Accor APIs.

In the OpenId protocol, errors are sent back in the url of redirect_uri.
You can find more information here



Code Description Comment Example

User is not allow to authenticate

In case of multiple failed attempt or for a blocked user



Invalid request parameter Problem on  JWS or request validation  
invalid_scope Invalid scope Problem on declared scopes or invalid scope in the request  https://localhost/auth/ping/index.html?appId=com.accorplus&error_description=The+requested+scope+is+inva…;error=invalid_scope#
server_error Error on the authentication server   https://localhost/auth/ping/index.html?appId=all.accor&state=62buhEqCFTGXB3ldiFBltB&amp;error=server_error#
temporarily_unavailable Unavailable authentication server    
unauthorized_client Unauthorized client  

Example of an unauthorized client (code flow mode):

url :… APIWEB.USER.READ_PROFILE&redirect_uri=https://localhost/auth/ping/index.html%3FappId%3Dimplicit.accor&nonce=TGz2mL1sLj2h8S933qPGdT

error: https://localhost/auth/ping/index.html?appId=implicit.accor&error_description=authorization_code+grant+n…;error=unauthorized_client#

unsupported_response_type unsupported response type Error sending parameters https://localhost/auth/ping/index.html?appId=all.accor&state=d7QChnynTyZGppgxXKvzii&error=unsupported_response_type#
login_required No session
  • Response in SSO mode when the user is not authenticated
  • Response when using back buttonon authentication and registration pages

Check SSO chapter


interaction_required Approval requested

The user is connected but you must validate scopes

See approval scope chapter 


If case of an invalid redirect_uri, the OpenId protocol won't do a redirection but will display an error page with Invalid redirect_uri.





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